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Read NPM's review of the Living Church Acclaims! 

NPM's March, 2015 issue of Pastoral Music has reviewed TLCA. Click here or on the image below to read it! Thank you, NPM.

"It has melodies that are easy to learn that are set in a comfortable range for both assembly and cantor."

"Contemporary liturgical music ensembles will find this resource easy to use and full of life for their assemblies."

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Another TLCA "Testimonial" 

Pat Schaefer, from Our Lady of Angels in Hermiston, Oregon has this to say about TLCA:

"I wanted to share with you how very much I am enjoying the new versions of the Responsorial Psalms and Gospel Acclamations from your new book, TLCA. I've been using it every week since the first Sunday of Advent... The congregation has also responded in such a positive way. I think they too were excited to have something new happening instead of the same old same'o.... Also, I truly enjoy the new Alleluias and verses. Each time its a new Alleluia I teach that as well. The people are beginning to remember them and also responding nicely."

Thank you, Pat!
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Individual Downloads are Here! 

We are happy to announce that instant individual downloads of Responsorial Psalms & Gospel Acclamations from The Living Church Acclaims (TLCA) are now being made available! We have heard from customers that it would be helpful if you could choose music for individual liturgies as an alternative to (or complement to) buying complete TLCA editions: starting today, the new downloads are in the Zeal Store!

Thank you for the valuable feedback and please share this news with church musicians you think might benefit! Here's how they appear in the Zeal Store:

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Note: Each download includes a license for copying the accompaniment and congregational refrain as needed for your church.


New praise for TLCA! 

"What a wonderful collection of accessible proclamations of God's word in a vocabulary adaptable to a wide variety of music ensembles with extreme flexibility. Thanks for taking the time, effort, skill and muse to put it all to paper and share with us all in this new endeavor.

My best to you and compliments. This will be a great resource for me - thank you."

Jeffrey Honoré, Director of Music 
Holy Apostles Catholic Church, New Berlin, WI


New Recording: Psalm 40 

From TLCA, for January 18, 2015 • 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B
Download a digital copy instantly!

Note: The main purpose of this recording is to help musicians learn it quickly, so to save time, the Refrain is sung twice at the beginning and once at the end. Of course, during the liturgy, the Refrain would be sung after each verse.