I hope you enjoyed a restful, rejuvenating Thanksgiving weekend. As we begin the new church year, I'd like to share with you two new pieces published by OCP. Each employs a text by the venerable James Quinn, SJ. While both pieces can be used for general purposes, one also works especially well as a gathering song, the other as a closing song. Preview copies and recordings are provided at each link. (FYI, Zeal Music is where I centralize information about my sacred music, regardless of who the publisher is.)

Also, when considering a digital version of The Living Church Acclaims 2019, remember that it's only necessary to purchase one copy per parish. More details below.


Sing, All Creation
General or Gathering Song
for SAB Choir, Keyboard, Guitar, Solo Instrument in C, Cello, and Assembly


Christ Be Beside Me
General or Closing Song
for SAB Choir, Keyboard, Guitar, Trumpet in B-flat, and Assembly


The Living Church Acclaims 2019 (TLCA)
Contemporary Responsorial Psalms & Gospel Acclamations with through-composed verses
PDF editions, recordings access, and the new, completely online à la cart edition require only one purchase per parish. Buy once and then share with the musicians at your church.

The first Psalm & Gospel Acclamation in TLCA 2019 is Psalm 25 for this Sunday, Dec 2, 2018! Click the link below for a free download of the PDFs and mp3s of Psalm 25.



Blessings to you as we head into Advent.



To download the PDFs and mp3s of "Psalm 25 • To You, O Lord" for free, go to and enter the following code: psalm25



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