Down to the River to Pray


"Strong melodies, polished harmonies, and moving lyrics come together in a timeless, wide-ranging collection of eight liturgical songs and choral anthems for the church year."

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I hope you enjoy my fresh-off-the-press offering: new musical settings of timeless texts, including the work of writers Sr. Genevieve Glen, OSB and Sr. Delores Dufner, OSB. This is music that I composed and refined for my work at my parish, St. John's. There's something very powerful about hearing congregations and choirs sing music with enthusiasm. I hope that some of this music will provide that experience for you and the people involved in your music ministry.

Scot Crandal

Artwork by Rob Grant,


Down to the River to Pray

Scot Crandal

Liturgical Songs and Choral Anthems for the Church Year

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You Gather In the Outcast starts the collection off with a strong melody featuring a text by Sr. Genevieve Glen that aligns with the teachings of Pope Francis. (Also appears in OCP's Breaking Bread and Music Issue.)
USAGE: Gathering Hymn, General Hymn, Social Concern • PREVIEW PDF

The Thorn Tree reveals the life of Jesus in a stunningly-beautiful, 4-verse text by Sr. Genevieve Glen. The music solemnly reflects the text, with the last verse proclaiming the resurrection of Jesus. (The octavo includes a choral anthem version and a simple hymn version.)
USAGE: Choral Anthem or Hymn during Christmas and/or Easter PREVIEW PDF

Down to the River to Pray provides an easy-to-sing, arrangement of this timeless text and melody that builds from verse to verse.
USAGE: General, Baptism PREVIEW PDF

Rejoice in the Promise of Jesus (The Beatitudes) is a special collaboration with writer Sr. Delores Dufner which features a longing melody in the verses followed by a hopeful, joyous melody in the refrain. (Soon to appear in OCP's Breaking Bread and Music Issue.)
USAGE: General, All Saints, Communion, Ordinations, Funerals PREVIEW PDF

Ave Verum Corpus is a harmonically rich choral anthem for communion any time during the year, especially on Holy Thursday. The ending might bring tears to your eyes!
USAGE: Anthem during Communion PREVIEW PDF

With Empty Hands and Empty Hearts draws its inspiration from Carmelite poet, Jessica Powers, who wrote, "If you have nothing... lift up your emptiness!" (The octavo includes a choral anthem version and a simple hymn version.)
USAGE: General, Offertory, Ordinations, Social Concern PREVIEW PDFY

O How Amiable (Psalm 84) leads the choir from a simple, unassuming melodic introduction to a building harmonic journey to the climax of "My soul hath a desire and longing to enter the courts of the Lord!" Then the piece ends as tenderly as it began.
USAGE: General Choral Anthem, Dedication or Anniversary of a Church, Funerals PREVIEW PDF

May the Road Rise Up to Meet You provides a very accessible melody using the traditional, well-known Irish text which proves useful whenever a blessing is needed in the community.
USAGE: Blessing, Wedding, Funeral PREVIEW PDF

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