Dear Colleagues,

In the midst of COVID-19 difficulties that are particularly harsh on the work of liturgical musicians, I wanted to touch base. For me, one of the most difficult things to deal with is the loss of that community feeling of just being in the same space, making music with my choir and other church musicians. Here's a related OCP blog post that I particularly like called "How to stay connected to your choir". And another called "Coronavirus and the Church: Parish Support".

Today is the official release of The Living Church Acclaims 2021 (TLCA)the 6th annual edition. I know that many church music budgets are being cut and that we're all trying to figure out the way through this pandemic, but if you don't currently use TLCA and are interested in a supplement to or replacement of your existing Psalm and Gospel Acclamation resources, I invite you to take a look at this affordable resource using the links below. The main difference between TLCA and most other psalm resources is that the verses in TLCA are through-composed, which makes them easy for the cantor and accompanist(s) to follow, and allows for the music to more accurately reflect the meaning of the text. Also, user reviews indicate that the refrains are easy to sing, yet memorable. Links:


    Thank you to so many of you who completed the survey asking about permanent vs. annual editions—we are looking closely at the results as plans are made for future editions of TLCA. 

    Here's a link to my general gathering song, "Sing, All Creation" with a text by James Quinn, SJ—it's being added to Breaking Break 2021. I hope that you may find it useful.


    I am grateful for the opportunity to provide musical options for your music ministry—wishing you all that can be good during these difficult times.

    Scot Crandal, Church Musician and Composer

    P.S. Because of decreased music budgets, here's a 10% discount code for PDFs and TLCA Online through Zealiwanttosing



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