From Dust We Came, to Dust Return

Music by Scot Crandal • Text by Michael Joncas



From dust we came, to dust return: 
the end of life and breath. 
Fierce shadows drive us to our knees, 
these haunting dreams of death. 
We claim from Eden’s garden days 
until this time of choice 
to know both good and ill, yet still 
we heed the serpent’s voice. 

The good we will, we do not do; 
what we abhor, embrace. 
We clothe our shame, deny our guilt, 
and flee our Maker’s face. 
Yet there is One who did not sin, 
who triumphed through his trials: 
he broke the Tempter’s tangling snares 
and saved us from his wiles. 

For in God’s word Christ shares the bread 
that feeds our hung’ring souls, 
and walks with us, God’s Faithful One, 
the guardian of our goals, 
till by the love of Love alone 
he heals what sin has rent. 
O Jesus, come and give us life 
these blessed days of Lent.

Ash Wednesday, Lent

Two-part Choir, Descant, Keyboard, Guitar, Solo Instrument in C, Assembly