Hymn to the Spirit

Music by Scot Crandal
Text by John Richards
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A depiction of the Pentecost, painted by Jean II Restout, 1732


    SEASONAL: Pentecost 

    TOPICAL: Holy Spirit 

    RITUAL: Confirmation, RCIA, Adult Formation 

    METRICAL: 87 87 D 

    HYMN TUNE: STOLTZ (by Scot Crandal)

    "Thank you to Rob Stoltz who originally showed this text to me, thus the hymn tune name, STOLTZ." Scot

    Upbeat, with parts for: SATB, descant, keyboard, guitar, and congregation

    The text of this piece presents a widespread vision of the Spirit’s role, making it especially useful for Pentecost or any celebration with the Holy Spirit as a theme. Each verse describes a different, biblical perspective of the Holy Spirit.

    Here is just one example of practical use, adding congregational participation as desired: 
    • verse 1: Cantor 
    • verse 2: Men 
    • verse 3: Women 
    • verse 4: SATB 
    • verse 5: Unison with descant

     The Pentecost depicted in a 14th-century Missal


      Spirit, working in creation,
      Bringing order out of strife:
      Come around God’s gathered people,
      Giving harmony and life.
      Spirit, speaking through the prophets
      So the voice of God was heard:
      Come, inspire, alert your people
      To today's prophetic word. 

      Spirit, overshad’wing Mary
      As the Christ-child in her grew:
      Come, so that the Christ within us
      May today be born anew.
      Spirit, coming from the Father
      As a dove upon our Lord:
      Come upon your favored people
      And your blessings be outpoured. 

      Spirit, driving to the desert
      Even God’s Anointed One:
      Come to us in trial and testing
      That God’s will in us be done.
      Spirit, bringing freedom, blessing,
      Help to poor and health to lame:
      Come anoint us, that such wonders
      May be done in Jesus’ name. 

      Spirit, taking, breaking, making
      Bread and wine our heav’nly food:
      Come and take us, break us, make us,
      Live Christ’s life in us renewed.
      Spirit, breathed on the disciples,
      Giving peace where there was fear:
      Come amongst us, touch us, send us,
      Making Jesus’ presence near. 

      Spirit, wind and flame, empow’ring
      Fearless witness to the lost:
      Come, unite, “renew your wonders
      As of a new Pentecost.”
      Praise and glory, Holy Spirit,
      For your love on us outpoured:
      Giving honor to the Father
      And proclaiming Jesus Lord.

      Text by John Richards, b. 1939 
      Spirit, working in creation, bringing order out of strife: Come around God’s gathered people, giving harmony and life. ”
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