From the recording Down to the River to Pray


Rejoice in the promise of Jesus,
for yours is the kingdom of God.
Be glad in the gospel of Jesus,
for you are beloved and blest.

Blest are you lowly and poor in spirit,
finding your wealth not in gold,
setting your sights not on power and glory,
but trusting in God alone.

Blest are you mourners who live with sorrow,
grieving the evil on earth,
hung’ring for righteousness, thirsting for justice;
for you are consoled by God.

Blest are you merciful, swift to pardon,
showing compassion to all,
patient with failings and tender toward weakness;
God’s mercy is shown to you.

Blest are you, hearts that are pure and faithful
wholly surrendered to Love,
giving of self to your Maker and neighbor;
the favor of God is yours.

Blest are you scorned and reviled, insulted,
scoffed at, despised by the strong,
slandered because of me, mocked by the mighty,
but honored by God, and praised.

Blest are you peacemakers, building bridges,
gentle in speaking your truth,
list’ning and learning from others who differ,
all children of God, like you.