Jocelyn Clare Thomas, soprano; Anna Breuer, mezzo-soprano; Ray Jackson, tenor; Zach Lenox, baritone •


(Headlines from the news)

Pilot Turns Plane Around To Help Grieving Family.

Elderly Strangers Step In To Help Struggling Young Man Tie His Tie.

Cop’s Kindness To Homeless Man Warms Hearts.

Dad Overwhelmed As Hundreds of Celebs Send Birthday Messages To Son Who Is Being Bullied.

Muslims Hand Out Roses On London Bridge In Gesture Of Love And Solidarity.

Trump Voter Leaves A $450 Tip For Black Waitress Along With A Moving Note.

Man Builds Tiny House For Homeless Woman Sleeping In The Dirt.

Two Killed In Portland While Trying To Stop Anti-Muslim Rant.

Surviving Victim Of Portland Max Train Attack Got Critical Medical Aid From Fourth Samaritan.