I have a theory of giving, but the math just does not compute.
It starts with absolute zero; Then I add that which is one.
The One I divide into three: the Source, the Verb, and the Son.
From this I take away all that I want and I need
And by this subtraction I multiply endless greed.
I get a lot more than I had, but the void I cannot refute.

This math has serious problems; so I check through all my work twice.
What I've subtracted from Oneness, and thus also from the Three
Is so much more than I can count or even begin to see.
When I attempt to add to what their total comes out,
it's no bigger number, but only my massive doubt.
To solve this testy equation is not hard, and comes with no price.

To give and give and give once more, all received by me is the key.
I have in life very little, other than love, faith and hope.
These shine above all that I own; they solely help me to cope.
Our dollars make no cents; clinging to them has no point.
My all is for others, since we share accounts now joint.
The new math is simple; let's see: the more we give the more we're free.