In Advent we wait for the coming of Christ;
In Christmas we wait for twelve days and twelve nights.
Epiphany shines while for faith we do search.
In Lent we all watch while we fast in the Church.

Our Holy week hope seems so long to arrive;
Then Easter day dawns, and we shout "He's alive!"
The Pentecost wind bids the Spirit rush in;
It's then we confess both our faith and our sin.

And so through the year we look forward and back;
We give thanks for all, and pray for what we lack.
We wait and we wait for our Lord to appear,
Beginning again at the end of the year.

The moments of chronos tick by like a clock,
But the Kairos events ground our faith like a rock.
We hope patiently for what we do not see,
While Spirit reminds us to pray: “Let it be.”