From the recordings Hymns & Songs and Down to the River to Pray


You gather in the outcast,
The wretched and the sore.
From every street and city,
From every home we pour.
You lay your hands upon us,
You heal the wounded soul,
You raise the crushed, diheartened,
You make the broken whole.

You dwell among the lowly,
The poor and those who mourn.
To you we bring the suffering,
To you we bring the torn.
You meet us with compassion,
You mend the hurt we bring,
You give us hope and harbor,
You make the sad heart sing.

You shoulder all the burdened,
The fallen and the lost.
For you, none is too heavy,
For you, no bar the cost.
Your care is never wearied,
Your love is never still,
Your watch for us unsleeping,
Unwavering your will.

You welcome all the hungry,
The thirsty and the weak,
In you we find all fullness,
In you is what we seek.
You lay the feast before us,
You bid us come and eat,
But, oh, before you serve us,
You kneel and wash our feet.