I Know How You Want Me to Live

Music by Scot Crandal • Text by Robert Bryant

A Gospel-infused song that proclaims Micah 6:8

I know how you want me to live. 
Oh, I know how you want me to live. 
You want me to act, 
you want me to love, 
you want me to walk with you, God. 
Oh yes, I know how you want me to live. 

You want me to do justice. 
How do I do justice? 
I act when it’s time to act. 
I speak up when it’s time to speak up. 
I take stands when life calls for a stand, 
and say no to the hate in our land. 

You want me to love kindness. 
How do I love kindness? 
I give when it’s time to give. 
I bring joy when it’s time to bring joy. 
I weep with the sorrowing soul. 
I include in a way that is bold. 

You want me to walk humbly. 
How do I walk humbly? 
I repent when it’s time to repent. 
I forgive when it’s time to forgive. 
I let go of my need to know why, 
and I die when it’s my time to die, 
’cause that’s how you want me to live. 

Text: copyright © 2019, 2020, Robert Bryant. All rights reserved. 
Music: copyright © 2020, Scot Crandal. All rights reserved.