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TLCA 2019 is now available 

We are so happy to report that TLCA 2019 is now available through Zeal and OCP earlier than ever. This is the 5th annual edition and it's popularity continues to grow. New this year is a complete online, à la carte edition, with everything you need on one page for each liturgy including a guitar/vocal, keyboard/vocal, recording, assembly edition, and readings.

Meditations - a new, ongoing project 

I'm excited to begin composing for my project, "Meditations". It'll consist of shorter pieces for piano that work well during communion, or any other time where instrumental music is needed. Both recordings and scores will be available and the first one is out today. I hope you get the chance to try them out. -Scot


A new setting of The Beatitudes 

Delores Dufner and I have collaborated on a new setting of The Beatitudes titled "Rejoice in the Promise of Jesus". She's penned a rather striking text and I've structured the music with haunting verses in E minor followed by a joyous refrain in G major. Topics and use include All Saints, ordinations, communion, funerals, and general use. Would love to know what you think! Click to hear a recording and find out more.